How to Fix the Economy Rural Style

1.  Bailing Wire

2.  Duct Tape

3.  W.D. 40

4.  Beat it with a hammer until it resembles its original shape.

5.  Isolate it from the rest of the herd so the disease is confined.

6.  Call 5 of your friends over who know as little about it as you do, stare at it for a while, talk about it for a little while longer only to leave the problem as you found it and go fishing.

7.  Take it to the Baptist Church, baptize it, and add it to the church role where it will remain unrepentant. . . but be very wet.

8.  Introduce it to NASCAR.  200 mph ought to loosen it up.

9.  Sell it on EBAY to a gullible city slicker.

10.  Realize it can’t be fixed, bailed out, or borrowed into submission.  Take it out to the barn, load your 12 guage, and shoot it right between the dollar signs.

Note:  Bailing wire, duct tape, and W.D. 40 will hold it up for a while though.

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  1. YO! This is priceless!!!! Helen

    • Yo! I think it is ironic you called a post about money “priceless”.

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