Stuff I Think About

1. What if small rural churches believed they were doing vital Kingdom work?

2.  What if we quit whining about the trend toward “mega” and just functioned as the church?

3.   What if we applauded our mega sister churches in their effort to function as the church?

4.   What if every small rural church believed the sacrificial offering they brought would be multiplied like lovaes and fish?

5.  What if we quit worrying about the programs we don’t offer and worked hard to be the most excellent ambassadors of Christ we can be.

6.  What if our daily desire was nothing more than honoring and glorifying God?

7.  What if our small rural pastors believed, I mean really believed, that God’s word could transform the 20-30 people they see every Sunday?

8.  What if we saw our declining communities as the opportunity of a life time?

9.  What if Acts 1:8 made us think outside of ourselves for a while?

10.  What if we begged for revival like a starving man begs for food?

11.  What if we don’t do 1-10?

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