Top 10 Things I love About My New Riding Mower

0121.  It is a RIDING mower.

2.  It is not a PUSH mower.

3.  It has a seat that accommodates me and the occasional hitch hiker. . . see picture above.

4.  It has a key that I, without much effort, turn.  Amazingly this and this alone starts the motor.

5.  I don’t think nearly as many ugly thoughts now that I don’t have to pull the rope to start my lawn mower.

6.  My push mower has a 22 inch deck.  The riding mower has a 46 inch deck.  Less mowing time means I now have time to start checking off that list of things I want to do before I die. . . like become the world’s hot dog eating champ.

7.  Did I mention that you ride the mower.  Really, you don’t have to push!  You just climb right up on it, sit down, turn the key, engage the blade, and start mowing.

8.  In certain circles my riding mower is called a “lawn tractor”.  I think I prefer the term lawn tractor.  There is just something very masculine about the word “tractor”.

9.  I could install the optional cup holder but that just seems a bit indulgent and over the top doesn’t it?

10.  I love the occasional hitch hiker the best!

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  1. congrats!! Now, will you use it more than Barnhart does his? I hope so!

    • Maybe Michael could just hire me out to cut his grass too. I work cheap with all the child labor I can bring to the job.

  2. There’s a good story about George Jones riding his “lawn tractor” to the liquor store after his wife took the keys to his car. Hope you won’t have a similar experience!

    • Brian,
      I hope not either. It just wouldn’t look good on the ole pastoral resume. By the way, anyone who is familiar enough with G.J. to know a drunken lawn mower story about him is always welcome on the rural route.

  3. Now wait a minute…aint that secular music:)

  4. Rural pastors must have a riding “lawn tractor.” In the country, the homes are situated on an acre or more of land, not the pithy 1/3 acre as homes in the city and suburbs perch upon. It takes a real man to pastor a rural church. And a real man needs a real mower. 🙂


    • Les,

      I am so glad that someone has recognized the manliness of my calling. Thank you for pointing that out.

  5. Hear Hear Les.

    Congrats on the lawn tractor.

  6. Hey Mike, I sure hope you still have that little devil with a pull rope. Otherwise, how will I mow my ditches?! *grin*

  7. TRACTOR? you call that wee little thing a TRACTOR. Come on bt ill pick that toy up with my tractor and im talking about my little tractor. Besides its a troybiilt take away the r you have a toybilt

  8. Payton,

    The fact that you own tractors that could swallow my tractor doesn’t change the fact that it is a tractor. Hey, at least it’s red you big tractor bully!

  9. Hey Mike, What is your email? I want to send you something I recently wrote and will be added to our site when my “webman” gets back into town. It concerns the small church and it might give you some thoughts for your upcoming small church event.

  10. Tractors are supposed to be green, as in John Deere Green.

    • Bob,

      Red. Red. Red.

  11. Joel,

  12. Hey Waddey you might get a kick out of this. I have my lawnmower site and I just put this little website together. Take a peek when you have a moment.

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