Weird Things I’ve Said About Manure Lately


1.  “Is horse, chicken, pig, or cow manure better for the garden?”

2.  “No,  I did not know that cow manure and horse manure differed so much?”

3.  “Can I come pick up a load of your manure?”

4.  “Do you think this 30 gallon trash can will hold enough manure to finish the job?

5.  “Can I come pick up some more manure?  I . . . I, uh. . ran out?”

6.  “Hey kids!  Grab a shovel and help spread the manure!”

7.   “Hey, Honey!  Look at how evenly my new tiller mixes the manure into the dirt”

8.  “I’m really going to have to thank Larry for this load of manure.”

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