Tennessee Small Church Leadership Conference / IMPACT 2009 / April 24-25

This looks Goooooood.  CLICK HERE!

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  1. Off subject comment!
    Why Avg. attendance doesn’t count on the Rural Route!?

    Sunday night…nobody is at choir practice..preschool teacher doesn’t show and neither does her fiance. The youth DT leader doesn’t show and neither does his wife and child. Our most active single adult doesn’t show either. No substitutes..no plan.

    Get a call. The engaged couple went mudding with her brother…they get stuck..call the single adult for help…he gets stuck…call the deacon/youth leader and he gets stuck too!!

    So…the SBC annual report simply does not account for rural route realities:)

    • Perry,

      First, that is awesome. Second, their really should be a spot on the ACP for absences due to “Mudding”.

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