Rebecca Waddey Is Here

Rebecca WaddeyBorn 5:55 p.m. on April 28, 2009.  6 pounds 3 oz / 18 inches long

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Waddey Baby # VI

I am excited to report that our 3rd daughter and 6th child will be born this week.  The docs are supposed to induce labor tomorrow morning.  I would just ask that you all pray for a safe delivery for mother and child.  Since I won’t be doing much blogging this week. . . I leave you with the top 5 goofy things people say to us about our large family and what I would REALLY like to say in return.

1.  Don’t you know what causes that?

Yes. . . .it is in the water.  Right?

2.  Do you love them all equally?

This question is so stupid I usually just stand there with a perplexed look on my face.

3.  Are they all yours?

Nope.  I borrowed a few just so you would gawk and ask ridiculous questions.

4.  You know they can fix that with a little snip.

Fix what?  I was unaware of a problem.

5.  Are you trying to be like John and Kate?

No.. .  but if some network executive wants to  pay me to follow my family around then so be it.

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How will people learn to get back up if they are never allowed to fall in our newly bailed out society?

I wonder where people will receive the backbone to speak up against oppressive government when the people owe all to the government?   When the government is responsible for your house, transportation, food,  job, and health care your liberties and freedoms are ripe for picking.

Will people be amazed by anything in the future when individual excellence is shelved for societal balance.  When everyone is “super” no one will be (The Incredibles) Will we stand by and watch great become good and good become fair?  Will we be content to call fair  “great”?

I wonder what will happen to our souls when our Father in heaven is replaced by our sugar daddy in D.C.?

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Revival at Mt. Sinai Baptist Church

Mt. Sinai is holding revival services this week.  I am honored that they asked me to preach and lead those services.  Please be praying for us this week.     301

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Be back next week

I will be blogging again next week. Thanks for stopping by.

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