Where Politics and Religion Collide

A pastor puts his feet into murky water when he openly takes a theological position on a subject that has been politicized.  People will always accuse you of pandering to one side or the other.  Let me give you an example:  If I say that abortion is murder I am usually labeled a Republican by the Democrats.  If I say that homosexual marriage is absolutely wrong I am labeled a right winger by the left wingers.  If I say that Iraq was horribly mishandled I am labeled a Democrat by the Republicans.  If I say we should be good stewards of our environment then I have somehow become Al Gore’s best buddy.  If I say that expanding the federal budget by TRILLIONS of dollars to bail out a few lousy companies is wrong  because is saddles my grand-kids with debt. . . .well, I’m not sure what I am because both parties have been expanding the federal government since the inception of the Federal Reserve.   Shame on them both.

What’s a pastor to do?  I think we have to stand on our theological principles.  We must allow the Bible to interpret world events and politics.  When necessary, I think it is perfectly FINE to point out the wrong in both parties.   When any part of our culture, political or social, transgresses God’s Word I am supposed to point it out.   If your particular party is painted negatively by anything I have to say then go weigh my words by what Scripture teaches.  If I’m wrong point it out to me.  I am a big boy. . . I can take it.  If I’m right you ought to be willing to admit it and challenge the leaders of your political party.

Next.  You might ask “why do political issues sometimes show up on a Rural Church blog”?  Good question.  They show up because political issues creep into my community.  They show up in my pews and they affect the people that I love and preach to every Sunday.   Laws that are passed, or not passed, may have a direct impact on the way I, or our church, can minister.  That is why the theological sometimes collides with the political here on Rural Route Church.

For the record I don’t think either party has my interest at heart.  I am an independent who would vote for a viable third party candidate.    The perfect candidate for me would be diplomatically eloquent like  Bill Clinton, fiscally responsible like Ron Paul, and have the guts to water board a terrorist like G.W. Bush.   Go find that guy!

In the future I will promise to be an equal opportunity offender.  In that spirit I offer you these two theological assessments of both political parties.

DEMOCRATS: I have a theological problem with, what seems to be the majority of you, that think abortion is okay with God b/c it protects a woman’s body.  Abortion is not okay with God and a very very slim percentage of abortions protect a woman’s body.  Psalms 139 and many other passages make it clear that God puts us together in the womb.  If God puts us together he must have a purpose for us.  Please quit trying to use my tax dollars to fund Planned Parenthood.

REPUBLICANS: Where do I start?  Environment.  If I offend the republicans by saying that the environment is important b/c I like to breathe then tough.  Come on guys.  What is it going to hurt if you admit that the democrats are spanking you on this issue.  You would turn the reflecting pool on the National Mall into a Coal Ash storage facility if you thought you could turn a buck.  I’m not saying we should shoot holes in our economy to get it done but lets make an effort to take care of what God created.

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  1. Speaking of such things, is it just me or is it ironic that we are championing the cause of a young woman who spoke out (rightly so) for biblical marriage based on “biblical” principle moments after she was parading about half..rather 90% naked across the stage? I guess I am now soft on homosexual issues:) However, I am just as passionate about the sexualization and objectification of my three little girls as I am for biblical marriage. They go hand in hand. I’m just sayin…

    • Perry, I hope this girl is wildly successful in her new role as a spokeswoman for traditional marriage. It does seem ironic though doesn’t it? She has become convenient for our current purpose. Because she has a national stage we conveniently overlook what we do not want to see. My prayer is that all her bikini competitions are a thing of the past. I guess I can reconcile all of that by knowing that God called me for His purpose even though I was (like Paul) the chief among sinners.

  2. The attack on biblical marriage is getting pretty fierce. I shutter to think what the next few years have in store on that front. I pray for mommy and baby’s health. Take care!

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