Nothing Says Happy Mother’s Day Like. . . .

1.  Nascar Tickets.

2.  Fishing tackle for the entire family.

3.  An autographed copy of Willie Nelson’s classic “Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys”.

4.  Getting the kids to make mommy a card that says “Thanks for marrying Daddy!”

5.  A “Cooking for Dummies” cookbook.

6.  Flowers from your neighbor’s rose bush.

7.  Splurging for dinner at Long John Silvers.

8.  A brand new mop.

9.  Ammunition.

10.  giving her Joel Osteen’s book “Become a Better You”.

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  1. Annie, Nick, & I all got a good (really good) chuckle out of this. You are too funny. You were joking, right?

    • I was joking about everything except for the Osteen book. Don’t you think Robin has room for improvement?

  2. this is too funny, though I thought the ammunition one was a legit gift.

  3. I knew the ammo one wasn’t a legit gift. You just can’t buy ammo anywhere! Except from the guy on the street corner in downtown newark who is also selling “Coach” and “Gucci” bags….hmmm…wonder if the ammo is real?? guess we will find out on Father’s Day!!!! Helen

    • Is that why the tag in the “Hilfiger” shirt you gave me says “Haynes”?

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