There was a time in my life when I honestly believed God was going to allow me to be a Christian Rock artist.  It was fun recording and singing for folks but it was ultimately unfruitful and EXTREMELY unprofitable.  Have you all ever been diverted from God’s call on your life to do something a little goofy?  Nothing terrible but something that kept you from what God really intended for your life. . . how bout it.   Come on. . . fess up!

I was reminded of my short career as a musical genius when I came across this on Ebay.

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  1. Ok..you got me…I wanted to be a Canadian Mounted Policeman…then found out at the time you had to be a boy….AND from Canada. Then my short lived dream to be a jockey….got a little too tall and…um..hem….weighty. Still have my eye on laura for this one….Helen

    • Pure bigotry on the Canadian’s part to deny your dream over something as trivial as citizenship.

  2. Ok, I am diverted now just trying to picture you are as a CMA Rockstar!!

    • Just don’t picture me in 80’s make-up and spandex.

  3. Ah…so many comments, so little time. I’m reminded of the days in Barton 7 where you played the same two chords from that Travis Tritt song over and over and over and OVER until I wanted to see how far that guitar could be tossed out the door.

    But dude…$19.95? You were good. But you weren’t Used-CD-for-$19.95 good. By the way, I still have my original disc, and I wouldn’t trade it for a million bucks.

    That Soulful Dimensions album, on the other hand…

    • I was impressed at the 19.95 thing considering I sold it new (out of my trunk) for $10.00.

  4. Too funny! That’s a great price if it’s USD. I’m glad I already have a copy!

    I thought I wanted to teach public school music! I observed a couple of high school choirs…that was enough for God to tell me that THAT was not what I would be doing.

    • All Robin had to do was student teach at a Jackson elementary school to figure out Public School was not her thing either. I’m glad God brought you guys our way.

      • “I’m glad God brought you guys our way.”

        Your welcome!

        I am just pleased to serve our Lord:)

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