We Need Revival In Rural Churches

Have you ever thought about the fact that admitting your need for revival is also admitting your need to repent.  The very fact that we need revival tells us that there is sin in our lives or that some spiritual element is lacking in our lives.  Revival is always predicated by death.  Only the dead need revived.   The only way to be revived is to repent of the rot in our lives brought on by sin.  Spiritual vitality and life can only be obtained through repentance.

I am afraid that too many of us are calling for “revival” without calling our churches to repentance.  We want the hype and height found when we are revived without the godly sorrow that leads to repentance.  Here are some things I have identified in my life, my church, and other churches that indicates our need to repent and be revived.

1.  We don’t think we have any problems.

2.  We apply Scripture at our leisure.

3.  We only act urgently when the “right” people need us.

4.  We spurn anything that resembles technology b/c it might change something we hold dear.

5.  We are satisfied being satisfied.

6.  Our graciousness is conditioned by our suspicion.

7.  We are deeply rooted in spiritual jargon but fail to live spiritually.

8.  We patronize the lost with programs rather than proselytize them with the Gospel.

9.  Our fellowship ends when accountability begins.

10. Our corporate worship is ruled more by a clock and our opinions than by God.

11. Our missional efforts only include a pen and a checkbook.

12.  We think someone ought to be busy doing evangelism.

13.  We operate our churches rather than facilitate the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

14.  We crave our independence and individuality to the neglect of our dependence on God.

15.  We confess that we are evangelical but we live like we are universalists.

16.  Our budgets reflect our belief in a semi-present and semi-powerful god rather than THE Omnipresent and Omnipowerful God.

17.  If the heating and air-conditioning were absent from our worship services. . . we would also be absent.

18.  Our circumstances often dictate how obedient we are to God.

19.  Our tongues boast more spirituality than our feet and hands ever seem to deliver.

20.  We will conform to the image and character of God as long as He looks and acts like us.

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  1. Great Post, thanks for the reminder!

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