Rural Route Heroe’s Part VIII

This guy is today’s Rural Route Hero!


Okay, this picture is a little better.


That guy is more than a Vacation Bible School Singing Cowboy.  He is a Rural Route Hero.

What kind of music do you like?  Take a poll of the people in your house.  What kind of music do they all like?  Now go ask 100 people what kind of music they all like.  Now go prepare five songs that everyone can sing together, one choral arrangement that everyone will agree was fantastic, and one solo that no one thought was “over the top”, “too loud”, “too soft”, “too slow”, “too fast”, “too Rock”, “too Country”, “too old-fashioned”, or (God forbid) “too contemporary”.  If you can do that then you can be the music minister.  Oh, yeah. . . I almost forgot about the sound.  As the music minister it is also your job to make sure that the sound system functions properly and that the instrumentalists are all playing from the same sheet of music.  Stacy does this Sunday after Sunday after Sunday.

The music minister puts up with  a lot of opinions.  Everyone has an opinion about music.  The problem is that everyone thinks their opinion is the right opinion about music.  Don’t even get me started on the goofy people that think Fannie Crosby, Bill Gaither, and a few anointed Elvis songs are the only songs God likes. It is an unfortunate truth that many people come to church to be entertained by the music and preaching style that they like.  If the music you choose on a given Sunday doesn’t tickle them where they itch, then you might be in trouble.

Everyone at church wants the music to be good, but no one has the desire to practice.  Everyone likes a perfectly run worship service but very few like to strive for perfection in the area of musical worship. I am so glad that our music minister is a perfectionist.  I’m glad that he strives for perfection in every song and in every service.  I think God deserves our best.  Pastors should strive for perfection in their preaching and teaching.  In the same way, musicians should strive for perfection in their craft.  Choir members should strive for perfection as they sing.  Soloists should shoot for perfection when they sing.  WHY?  BECAUSE WE ARE SINGING FOR GOD!!!!!!!!

I’m not saying it will be perfect, but for the glory of God, shoot for the stars and settle for the moon.

It is ridiculous to me to think that the only place in the world that we seem to settle for mediocrity is in the church.  We demand the best from athletes.  We demand the best from our kids when it comes to their academics.  We tell them to strive for perfection knowing they will only give their best when they aim high.  Why should God’s people give Him less in worship?

Stacy Williams is a Rural Route Hero because he understands that if we sing, we are singing to the Lord.  He understands that if we play the piano we are playing for the Lord.  He understands that, whether we sing choruses, hymns, a Southern Gospel favorite, or the latest contemporary song that we are doing so because we want to glorify God (PLEASE SEE I Cor 10:31).   Stacy is a Rural Route Hero because he has the unique ability to deal with everyone’s opinions.  I can not commend Stacy without also thanking our choir for understanding that we are singing to God.  They put in the work to bring God their best every Sunday and I commend them for it.

Now. . . . go bring a well rehearsed joyful noise into worship this Sunday!

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  1. Stacey is definitely an unsung hero and the great thing about Christian music over secular music is that be it southern gospel or contemporary or Christian rock as long as the message proclaims the truth of the gospel it all speaks to our hearts if we let it. Keep up the good work Stacey. You have a real cross to bear with Mike.

    • Cross to bear?

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