Me and Andrew

I make a point to go somewhere special with each of my kids.  Andrew has been begging to go to a St. Louis Cardinals Game. . . so we did.  I had such a good time hanging out with my son.  The three hour trip allowed Andrew the chance to ask every question that he had been storing up in his little head (apparently he had quite a stock pile).  We covered everything from baseball to why thunder and lightning go together.   As we were about to go to sleep at the hotel he said, “Thanks for taking me to the game dad.  We had a good time didn’t we?  I love you dad.”  That “I love you dad” was worth far more than the price of tickets, $20 for parking, $22 for concessions, $28 for the Cardinal Jersey, the hotel, and the price of gas.       026a

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  1. A trip like that is priceless. Check this out

    • Tom: There is no substitute for time spent with the kids. Thanks for sharing your trip to watch Nebraska play ball. The only thing that would have made the trip better was a Redbird victory.

  2. Couldn’t you find a Cards hat to wear? Go Cardinals!

    • I couldn’t afford the hat after paying to park.

  3. You and Robin are such good (and COOL) parents! I wish all parents were as dedicated as you are….you are building memories for these kids that will last a lifetime! AND you’ll have great photos to look at when you and Robin are in the hursing home.

  4. Today was my granddaughters birthday. I always take each one on their birthday for lunch and shopping. It really makes a difference when you spend time seperately with each one. I know Andrew loved the game but loved being with his father even more.

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