Here In The Real World Their Shutting Detriot Down!

A welfare state is one of the most unholy things that I can fathom.  All it creates is decay.  Moral and social decay lay in the wake of our “progressive” politicians who seem to bow down at the elusive idol of an egalitarianism.  Elusive because God created individuals instead of robots.   We are not mass-produced (Psalm 139:13).  There will never be a successful social welfare state due to the fact that individuals will always rise above and rebel against it. . . as they should.  Innovators will never leave good enough alone.  The cream will always rise to the top.   Leveling the playing field will only make innovators create a new field.  This is what has happened to Detroit.  Read here to see how Detroit’s playing field is being left behind by industry and retail. When 30% of your city is on welfare retailers and manufacturers can’t survive.  They will, out of necessity, leave.  Detroit’s demise has been slowly playing out now for the past couple of decades, and has suffered under the progressive social agenda of republicans and democrats alike.  I like to refer to them as Republicrats. I can’t tell one from the other anymore, as they all pander to special interests and play games with our lives.

As a pastor, I see what welfare does to people.  They become so entangled in the system that freedom becomes elusive.  Many of them simply loose their will to think and act for themselves.  They become a special interest group of their own waiting for the next government handout.  Their special interest is mediocrity and “good enough to get by”.  I know some of you will read this and ask, “What about the people who can’t take care of themselves?”   We should absolutely take care of those people.  By WE, I mean the church, family, and the local community.  Only when those resources are exhausted should we seek help from the state.

Shoot for excellence!  Shoot for I Cor. 10:31!

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  2. By the way, I had a great discussion this afternoon concerning demons, angels, ghosts, and goblins. This discussion led to teaching(ok, preaching) on the authority of scripture and the application of Sola Scriptura. All of this in the middle of the hay field, fixing a hydrolic hose on a the tractor, and sweatin off five pounds.

    • Viva la Rural Ministry! Biblical counseling in the field.

  3. RIGHT ON!!!!!!

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