Things I would not know without my kids

1.  I know what 4 a.m. looks like because of my two month old.  FYI. . . 4 a.m. looks tired.   I have also learned that spit-up clashes with most of my Sunday suits.

2.  I know that my coffee tastes better when my two year daughter helps stir the sugar in every morning.   Lydia is also proficient in lipstick art.  I bet you didn’t know that makeup could be used as paint. . . I didn’t either.

3.  I know which dicast toy characters from the movie Cars are coming out next month because of my 5 year old son.  Joshua has also taught me that the word “daddy” can be repeated approximately 400 times in one minute.

4.  I know that Shawn Johnson (Olympic Gymnast) has her own line of leotards because my 7 year old daughter (future Olympic gymnast) has shown me which one she wants.  Laura has also taught me that 36 year old men do not bend like 7 year old girls.

5.  I know how much Mark McGuire’s rookie card is worth because of my 10 year old son.  I also know the pros and cons to every every game system that has ever been invented because of Andrew’s diligent research.

6.  I know that there are 4 varieties of venomous snakes in Tennessee due to my 12 year old’s interest in all things that slither.  What I DON’T know from Caleb is how to do, even one, of those card tricks he does so well.

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  1. You are truly blessed by such great children. They are a joy to be around — mostly! I’ll take your word on the 4am….

    • Thanks Tonya. All credit goes to Robin. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Unfortnately, I already knew what 4a.m. looked like:( But I have learned that Wonder Pets can save the day!! It only takes Teammmm Work!

  3. Fortunately it has been a long time since I have seen 4 am but I do remember and cherish those moments. With two college age now my free times is spent praying and wondering what they are up to…

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