Three Digits

High attendance Sunday at Cottage Grove met and exceeded our goals and expectations.  Sunday School is one of those non-abstract entities that pastors, churches, and denominations use to chart how well we are doing. . . numerically speaking.  It is a pretty straight forward process.  People show up, we count them, and then we display the results on the tote board in the vestibule.   Cottage Grove’s tote board has not had three digits on it in a long time.  101 people came to Sunday School at Cottage Grove Baptist Church yesterday which is pretty good considering our town has 96 inhabitants.  It was GREAT to see the classrooms full.  It was encouraging to see the parking lot fill up and the people file into church.

I wonder what it would be like to see three digits on the board on a Sunday that wasn’t high attendance day, Easter, or Christmas?  I wonder what it would be like if God’s people were as intent on inviting people to church next Sunday as we were for the “big day”?  Every Sunday is a “big day” in my book.  Every Sunday is an opportunity to learn, grow, and worship.  It is important for all of us to recognize that those digits on the tote board represent real people.  I’ll be prepared to preach to one or 100, but three didgits was nice for a change.

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  1. What a joyous report!! Great to be back in school:)

  2. It was great to see so many people yesterday. For once — “our” side wasn’t lacking. It would be nice to see them all again next Sunday for sure!

    And the choir sounded really good!

  3. It was the kind of day that gives you goose bumps. 101 people opened Bibles and listened to a teacher as passages were discussed. THEN, 101 people opened their hymnals and joined their voices together with songs of joy and praise to the one and only living God. That alone made it a good day.

    But, then the pastor of this rural church brought a message that needs to be heard. I learned it in my discipleship classes and know it is of the utmost importance in a Christians life. He could repeat that sermon every couple of months and it would be a good thing. I’m glad we had 101 people hear it. I’m going to pray for each one of them.

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