List of approved Doctors Under a Rural Health Plan

1.  Doctor Hiram Baker: (from Little House on the Prairie)  He is the only doctor I know that takes chickens as payment.

2.  Dr. Pepper: The only doctor that can provide 16 oz of pure thirst cure!

3.  Dr. Thunder: The cheaper generic version of Dr. Pepper for those of you on a budget.

4.   Galen “Doc”  Adams: He was the Doctor on Gun Smoke.  I think this alone qualifies him.

5.  Dr. Suess: You could, you should, set the date. . . . the appointment line is open late.

6.  Dr. Cliff Huxtable: (Better known as Cosby)  An OBGYN that could deliver a baby, fix whatever was going on in his family, and make us laugh so hard we blew Dr. Pepper out our noses. . . . all of this in 1/2 hour.

7.  Dr. “Bones” McCoy: (Star Trek) Just in case you want to go where no man has gone before.

8.  Dr. Doogie Howser: Because kids work cheap!

9.  Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Frankenstein: One visit is usually enough.

10.  Rug Doctor: This is the only Dr. we could find that still made house calls.

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  1. Where’s Doc Brown at?

    • You just added him.

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