Sunday is Relentless

Sunday is relentless.  It never fails to either sneak up on the small church pastor or arrive just in time.  Either way a pastor has to be, is supposed to be, . . .okay, is rarely adequately prepared for Sunday.  Its not that pastors don’t try to prepare, its just that every Sunday seems filled with shock and awe after six days of shock and awe.   How does a pastor prepare himself to preach, administrate the surprise air conditioning problem, deal with someone’s “brand new idea” about how to reach more people for Sunday School, teach in place of the missing Sunday School teacher, counsel with a wayward teen (with Biblical accuracy), and listen to five different complaints that range from dissatisfaction over the bulletin cover to some sister’s outrage over the kid who colored the front of the hymn book red?

Sunday is relentless!  By the time many small church pastors stand in the pulpit to do the job God called them to do they have also been the church counselor, youth minister, outreach director, complaint department, administrator, children’s minister, and education director.  Before they step foot in the church these men have also been daddies, husbands, and fix-it-up men.

While the pastor tries to be all things to all people, he knows Sunday is coming.  It looms over his head as he is pulled away from the study of God’s Word again and again to take care of this, that, and the other.  The truth of the matter is that, unless the pastor pulls all that stuff off with a smile on his face, he jeopardizes the success and tenure of his pastorate.

Sunday is relentless!  It comes. . . ready or not.  Even more relentless than the coming of Sunday is the relentlessness of the call of God to “Preach the Word”.  Pastors will continue to wear all the hats people put on their heads because they can’t wait to stand behind that pulpit and say. . . “Thus saith the Lord”.   They will continue to be 10 people rolled up into one, live on the edge of poverty, and pay the high price of ministry because they are called to preach the Word and love God’s people.

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  1. Argh.

    I wish this post was just the mutterings of a guy who had a bad Sunday. But, I’m afraid there is so much truth in this post that we parishioners need to wake up and take note. It wouldn’t be so hard to talk about some of these issues during the week. Hey, I especially feel bad that you’ve taken flack for the bulletin covers. I wish you would tell me.


    • Hey there netjoy,

      This post isn’t necessarily about one pastor. . . me. Many guys deal with these issues. How they handle the push and pull of life will determine how successful they are in ministry. I just made up the bulletin cover thing b/c it seemed so absurd. I’ve had no REAL complaints. You do a fantastic job.

  2. Johnny Cash recorded a song about Sunday:)

    • So did U2.

  3. And what a bloody song it was!!
    Hoping to see them in Atlana again this Oct.

  4. Atlanta

  5. YOu can “borry” my hammock any time you need some stress relief

  6. Case in point… I too am a pastor to a small church. It it currently Saturday night, I just got back from a “educational conference” in Ohio for the last five days, have a sick wife, tired children, had to go back to town to visit a patient in the hospital, fed the dogs, fed the horse, threw the cat out, had to go to Wally World to buy supper, had to cook supper, (canned ravioli) it’s now 10:03pm, got a call from a sick Sunday School teacher, I have to sub, don’t know for sure what I am preaching, but I’m pretty sure what the Sunday School lesson is going to be!!! Something about easy burdens and lite yokes…

    • I feel your pain. Thank you for serving your family first. God will take care of you as you are obedient to preach. Blessings to you!

      • Have’nt I seen you preaching on tv? You look very familiar. Maybe I have seen you at Wally World, or an Asso. meeting?
        Thanks for the encouragement! I love your blog! Good job.

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