I am a pastor, in particular, a rural church pastor.  The only thing better than being a country preacher is being a dad to my 5 kids and a husband to my fantastically beautiful wife.  Since being a pastor, husband, and dad doesn’t require enough time, I thought I would start blogging.  Enjoy! 

Published on January 1, 2008 at 1:19 pm  Comments (22)  

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  1. Mike,

    You are the Wiz in my can of cheese! Thanks for your words of love.

  2. Thanks for the add at your blog. Are you SBC? If so, where did you go to Seminary? Happy blogging! It’s therapeutic. Like a journal other people read. Have fun.

  3. Your welcome. Yes I am SBC. I graduated from Southeastern in June of 2004. I have an extreem desire to see the rural church thrive. I am currently working with my State Convention to promote the rural church and encourage healthy rural churches.

  4. i saw a post of yours over at “imonk”.
    i am from west tennessee… dyersburg to be exact.
    where are you pastoring?

    -stephen cavness

  5. Stephen,
    I am in Cottage Grove in Henry Co. I’m not far from you, about 1 hour. I enjoyed your “lower case” blog.

  6. Nice to meet your blog. (Found you through Ree.) I am a pastor’s wife — in the city. :^) Way up in Canada. Just thought I’d say “hello” since I stopped by.

  7. Good to meet you nancypants. Thanks for stopping by. Pastor’s wives are a special breed!

  8. mike,

    i am no longer in dyersburg, (i pastor a church in rural northwestern ky.), but my family is still there.
    my dad is the bsu/bcm director at dyersurg state.

    hope all is well in west tennessee..
    blessings to you and your beautiful family.


  9. Happy birthday to one of my favorite rural church pastors. Gitchasummadat sweet tea and banana pudding!

  10. One of your favorite???? Why not the favorite? Igotmesummadat sweet tea and nanna pudding tonight at Casey Jones Village.

  11. Here’s the issue: Josh Phillips reads your blog. Josh used to be my intern, and he might cry if he knows that you’re really my favorite RCP.

    Casey Jones…ack! You’re killing me, smalls. I haven’t had an Old Country Store meal in years. Can you say “fried okra withdrawal?” I knew that you could.

  12. Hey Mike,
    I was searching around, calling a multitude of different folks, and low and behold, I stumble across your site. You have some interesting and funthings to read. I was wondering if you are still playing your guitar?

  13. Todd. Wow. It is good to hear from you. Since becoming a pastor 4 years ago I haven’t had much time to pick and grin. My guitar looks very lonely in its little corner.

  14. I’m in a small town and have enjoyed finding this blog!

  15. Chuck,

    Thank you for your very kind words. I am so glad the blog has been a blessing to you.



  16. Mike: Do you have an email address at which I could contact you? Please drop me a note at the email address I’ve provided.


  17. Hi Mike,
    Found you via Twitter (@jjkane) and I am going to place you on my blogroll over at my blog, called Small Town Sermons and Thoughts, (http://jimkane.wordpress.com) I have also activated my updates in my RSS feeder on Thunderbird.



  18. Hey Mike! I really like the new look to your website. I’m gonna send my web guy over to “look see” if you don’t mind. CHeck us out at the site provided.

    God continue to bless you I pray,

    • I will take a look Joel. Good to hear from you.

  19. Thanks, Mike, for this webside. We have enjoyed reading the comments.

    Ken and Barbara

    • Ken / Barbara,

      Thanks for stopping by. I hope you were encouraged.


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